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The best walks from Coldharbour

2 walkers going through the fields
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Get your walking boots on

There is nothing better than getting the walking boots on, stepping out in the fresh air and exploring the local area. At Coldharbour you can literally start from your back door, there’s no need to take the car! Here’s 3 of our favourites.

2 walkers on the hills

Saxon Shore Way

This long pathway from Gravesend to Hastings runs through the farm. So in effect you can go two ways. Go toward Rye and collect a world famous jam doughnut (my grandfathers recipe) from Jempsons Bakery. Either catch the train to Appledore and then walk back to the farm, or walk back up the cliff to Coldharbour.

Or you can go the other way, down through the local village of Stone, passed the church and Ferry Inn (a good place to stop). Then up through the Gusbourne Vineyards on to Ham Street Woods and as far as you want. You might want to take it it stages as the entire pathway is 160 miles!

Royal Military Canal, Hythe

Military Canal

Built between 1804 - 1809 as a defence against the invasion by Napoleon. The canal stretches 28 miles from Hythe in Kent, to Cliff End (Near Hastings) in East Sussex.

It takes a 5 minute walk down the hill to join the canal path. There are heaps of things to see and do along each section. Look out for the informative signs along the way. It can be a lovely stroll along the flat terrain by the canal or a proper workout to march along to Hythe. It is all possible on a fine day!

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The Top Road

Coldharbour is found on the Isle of Oxney which was once an island up until the late 17th century. By the early 19th century the building of Royal Military Canal helped drain the remaining land.

The Top Road is just that, a road along the top towards the village of Wittersham. This lovely walk will take you past the old windmill which you are able to visit (check online first) and then down to the old Church. See if you can find where the butchers, bakers and the oast house used to be.

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